Farmers Alliance

Bringing Small Farms to Forks Year Round

For small farms and suppliers who want access to broader, sustainable, fair distribution without compromise of quality or passion.
For customers needing fresh, timely produce with flexible packaging, sustainable fair pricing, and the highest commitment to food safety.
Large Resources for Small Farms
Fresh, Timely Deliveries
Sustainable Year Round Supply


Fair and ethical partnership and progressive farming practices derived from decades of experience are creating sustainable growth and higher production without diminished quality.

Packaging & Shipping

Crop development aligned with customer need is putting power in the hands of food service and retailers. It means fresh, timely deliveries handled with the highest quality packing practices.



You finally have a partner that knows how to get its hands dirty. Farmers Alliance brings 100+ years of industry experience and works with you to unleash the genetic potential of your crops and distribute them in a fresh, timely, quality way to an ever-growing (pun intended) group of food sellers.

Food Service & Retail

We’re taking the worry out of produce purchasing by eliminating the middle men, employing systems of unmatched quality standards, and working with you to supply the products YOU want year round at sustainable, fair pricing.


The farm needs the fork, and the fork needs the farm. Through transparency, traceability, and open ethics, we are empowering forward-thinking consumers to enjoy true farm-to-table produce. Look for our label or ask for it by name.