Farmers Alliance


Small farms are at the heart of Farmers Alliance. Their passion and dedication to quality produce resonates with food providers and consumers alike. By bringing these small farms together and leveraging the power of partnership, we are generating a long term, reliable year-round supply of produce.

Shared expertise and progressive practices mean small farms are doing big things and overcoming the challenges of bringing farm to fork. Farmers Alliance connects small farm capacity to customer need to develop crop categories and planting schedules that mean fresh, timely deliveries at fair prices.

The foundation of every relationship is trust. By dealing fairly and ethically with our small farms, we are able to achieve a sustainable delivery of amazing produce. And, by combining the highest commitment to food safety with best practices in packaging, we can continually exceed customer expectations.

All of this means that small farms can continue to do what they love, food service and retailers can offer the highest quality product, and conscientious consumers can finally cut through the wordplay and enjoy real farm-fresh produce.

We hope you’ll be part of the Alliance or support the folks who are.