Farmers Alliance

Core Competencies


Committed to a fresh, safe, timely supply of fresh produce to our customers at an agreed-upon time, at a sustainable price, we align with our customers’ needs to develop our crop categories, planting schedules, geographic significance & crop risk to limit exposure, we are involved from the initial planning phase to the customer shelf.


Implement USDA & FDA guidelines for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Best Management Practices (BMPs), Best Growing Practices (BGPs), increased production per acre & utmost importance on Food Safety. These practices assist Farmers Alliance in unleashing the crop’s true genetic potential, while conserving and protecting our environment to allow for our sustainable future.


With 100+ years of combined industry experience, the Farmers Alliance team can tackle issues with grounded knowledge. Farmers Alliance resources surpass industry standard. We employ a digital platform for food safety, field mapping, crop scouting, record keeping, precision ag technologies, and crop inputs, and we finish with a “Food Safety Certified” product, packaged per our customer’s individual needs.